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Project Management

Whether it's a one- or two-page order, or a localization project consisting of hundreds of pages to be translated into several languages, project management plays a crucial role in completing the job successfully.

The project manager responsible for the specific order is the one who constantly keeps in touch on one hand with the customer and on the other hand with the translator or translator team.


Within the translation process, the project manager is responsible for:

  • preparing the file(s) sent by the customer for translation,
  • choosing the appropriate translator or team of translators, coordinating the details of the order,
  • selecting the available resources (translation memory, termbase, AutoSuggest dictionary) and preparing them for usage (e.g. project translation memory),
  • checking the questions of translator(s) with the client arising during the translation (e.g. checking terminology, abbreviations, incomplete sentences, phrases, etc.),
  • verifying the structure and content of the completed translation(s) (see the Quality Assurance),
  • sending the completed translation(s) for proofreading, if required
  • sending the proofread text(s) for editing and page-setting performed by a desk top publishing (DTP) specialist, if required by the customer,
  • sending back the finalized target language file(s) to the customer.


Each phase of the project is properly recorded in our translation management system, starting with handling the files up to the invoicing of orders.

For receiving and sending out the translatable and reference files, the completed translations as well as the resources (TM, TB, etc.), we operate our own FTP server-based file management system, which allows us to send and receive extra large files (even 1 GB). Thus we eliminate the dangers (e.g. non-functioning e-mail server), slowness and size limit that can occur when sending the files in e-mails.

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