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The use of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools

Our office is committed to the use of CAT tools.

As the authorized partner of SDL Trados Technologies, we mainly use the SDL Trados translation memory based technology.
Of course, if required by the Customer, we are ready to use and implement any other tool as well.

Why SDL Trados technology?

  • Because everything we translate is stored in a well structured translation memory. Thus the translated content can be easily reused. The translated sentences will not have to be translated ever again, only modified, if required.
  • Because by using SDL MultiTerm, we can provide the consistent use of terminology. Terms found during translation are stored in a terminology database. Similar to the translation memory, this database is continuously searched, and results are offered based on the words of the source language sentences.
  • Because by using it, our translations become more consistent and of higher quality.
  • Because by using the built-in cutting-edge verification and quality assurance features, we can efficiently support our in-house verification process.
  • Because the agreed company specific terminology and the eventual modifications requested by the Customer can be easily applied to our resources (translation memory and terminology database), assuring that the appropriate term, phrase or sentence is used during further translation projects.
  • Because our expertise in the use of the technology enables us to accept and successfully perform complex translation projects involving large volumes that need group translation.
  • Because it guaranties we can integrate into any translation supply chain.
  • Because by using this technology, we can deliver our translations more efficiently, faster and in most of the cases at a lower cost.
  • Because we can provide our customers a reduced price without having additional cost.
  • Because we can benefit from the features of the technology with almost every editable file format. SDL Trados Studio 2009 is the CAT tool that supports the most file formats on the market.


What is a translation memory?

A translation memory (TM) is a linguistic database that continually grows and learns from the translator. During translation, translated sentences (segments) are stored as translation units. A translation segment consists of a source language sentence and its equivalent target language sentence. During work the translation memory engine continually searches this TM, and if a 100% or fuzzy match is found, it comes up with a match.

The more the translation memories are built up, the faster we can work, thus accelerating delivery of translation projects and increasing our productivity.

It is worth mentioning that the translation memory-based SDL Trados technology should not be confused with machine or automated translation. The technology only assists and helps our work, while the translations are still performed by professional translators.

What is a termbase?

Similar to translation memories, a termbase is an electronic dictionary where we store entries consisting of source language terms, phrases and their target language equivalents. Its most significant role is in providing consistent terminology use.


File management system

For receiving and sending out the translatable and reference files, completed translations as well as resources (TM, TB, etc.), we operate our own FTP server-based file management system, which allows us to send and receive extra large files (even 1 GB). Thus we eliminate the dangers (e.g. non-functioning e-mail server), slowness and size limit that can occur when sending the files in e-mails.

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