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Factors determining the price of the translation project:

  • volume
  • language combination
  • topic (field of expertise)
  • priority
  • file format
  • the rate of sentence repetitions within the text
  • available resources (reference materials, bilingual files, translation memory, termbase)


The volume and length of the file(s) to be translated can influence our pricing both in a positive and negative way.
In case of larger volumes of translations with reasonable priority (deadline), we can of course offer our clients a quantity discount.
In case of large orders with short deadlines an emergency extra charge will be considered.

Language combination and field of expertise

Our prices may vary in accordance with the language combination and topic of the texts to be translated. It is a common practice that translations of foreign language texts into Hungarian (as our native language) are cheaper than translations from Hungarian into the same foreign language. Furthermore, different prices may be charged for translations performed between various language combinations, e.g. common languages and rare languages.


From priority perspective, translation projects are divided into three categories:

  • normal priority projects: 1,800 source words per day/translator
  • urgent projects: 2,400 source words per day/translator
  • extra urgent projects: over 2,400 source words per day/translator

Translations to be completed on the day the order is placed are considered of extra urgent priority.
In case of urgent and extra urgent projects an extra charge is considered. This is determined based on the respective project.

File format

Editable and non-editable files are distinguished.
Editable files are not only the file formats created with MS Office (.DOC, .DOCX, .XLS, .XLSX, .PPT, .PPTX), but any other native file, which has been created using a desk top publishing (DTP) software (e.g. Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, etc.). This category also includes non-scanned (exported or printed) PDF files.
The advantages of using CAT (computer assisted translation) tools, including the special pricing, can only be applied in the case of editable files. In their case, the price of the translation project is determined by the number of source words.
Non-editable files are considered the ones that are scanned, printed on paper, or image files.
In their case, we cannot apply CAT tools (or a lot of pre- and post-processing is needed), therefore the price is always calculated based on the number of words of the target language file(s).

The rate of sentence repetitions within the text

Before starting the work, on larger volumes, we perform an analysis using the SDL Trados technology.
Based on the rate of full sentence repetitions significant discounts and special pricing can be provided.
During the above mentioned analysis, the software not just searches for sentence repetitions, but also creates a detailed report showing to what extent the content of the translatable file(s) can be found in the translation memories available or provided by the client. This analysis represents the basis of the special pricing.

Available resources

Reference materials (whether printed or not), bilingual documents, termbases help us in providing good quality and consistent translations in accordance with the customer's company specific terminology.

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